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The energy ecosystem has changed significantly over the years and ‘Trading’ is a crucial element to the energy value chain, which is why it will be featured at European Utility Week in the form of the ‘Energy Markets Programme’.

This dedicated Programme concentrates on the following topics: 

  • future power and gas markets
  • the future of energy trading
  • energy price drivers 
  • and the future market design.

It is specifically designed for 

  • Gas & Power traders
  • Heads of trading
  • Settlement specialists
  • IT managers
  • Market analysts
  • Originators
  • Aggregators
  • Energy managers at energy-intensive companies
  • TSOs and DSOs


The Energy Markets Programme will consist of an Energy Markets track in the European Utility Week's strategic Summit and on the Energy Markets zone on the exhibition floor with dedicated sessions on 2 Hub theatres, and a networking area.

The strategic Summit session will showcase:

  • the latest updates on new market developments
  • how technology is changing trading
  • the underlying fundamentals of wholesale energy price formation
  • the future energy market design 
  • and the role of energy-intensive users in this. 

The more hands-on traditional EMART Energy sessions will move to the free-to-attend Hub theatres on the exhibition floor.


There are special rates for traders to book their Summit pass!

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