Energy Revolution Europe

Energy Revolution Europe (ERE) adds a broader scope to energy storage and renewable integration. With the reality of the 2020 Renewable Energy Directive’s looming fast and the new 2030 targets, renewables will be entering a new era. There is also a focus on innovation shedding light on the renewable energy sources of the future.

ERE represents a natural link with the existing focus on renewable integration and energy storage.

Check out all the highlights attendees were able to see during Energy Revolution Europe 2017!

For the first time ever, the Closing Plenary Session, a session that usually only ever takes place in the exclusive EUW Summit area, was open to all in 2017.

The Closing Plenary Session took place on the ERE Hub Theatre and presented attendees with an overview of the EV market in Europe and best practices.

Topics also included: Integrated smart charging home solutions and e-car sharing, how is smart charging supported by smart meters and an overview of partner ecosystems.

Expert speakers from Eurelectric, E.ON, Energienet, Engie, EV-Box and many more joined us for this free-to-attend session!

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Co-organised with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and chaired by Dolf Gielen, Director Innovation & Technology Center IRENA, this Opening Session for ERE set the stage for the days to come.

The session offered first-hand innovative solutions and insight into current projects that support the power sector transformation in the EU. 


T&D - The Intelligent Grid Summit session - The Clean Energy Package de Profundis with key speakers including

Dolf Gielen, Director Innovation & Technology Center at IRENA

Sami Andoura, Team Leader - European Political Strategy Centre at the European Commission

and many more!

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Other sessions of interest: 

Check out these great innovative projects helping to transform the energy sector within the next few years and presented on the ERE Hub: 

  • Turn your home into a power plant 

CrowdNett, an Eneco project that enables a flexible approach to the supply and demand of sustainable energy, presented by Dirk-Jan Middelkoop, Manager Solar & Storage, Eneco 

  • Sectoral Integration Of Energy & Transport 

Cector coupling between energy & transport, presented by Jan Cupal, Business Development Expert VERBUND Solution GmbH


We must change the way we always operated. And we must acknowledge that this change cannot just be accommodated in the traditional system, nor can it do without."

Jeroen Bode, Project Director at USEF 

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Who to expect at ERE

At ERE 2017, key influencers and decision-makers from Utilities and retailers, EPC's, Independent Power Producers (IPP), Consumer/ Prosumer cooperatives / Prosumers, Regulators, Government bodies, European Bodies, investors in renewables and Aggregators were present at the ERE Hub.

But it is our partnerships with leading industry associations, Friends of the SuperGrid, NVDE, Solar Power Europe, IRENA, SEDC and Engie, that truly helped to position ERE 2017's programme as a key to developing your business within the energy transition!