In the complex environment in which the smart energy industry finds itself, the need for innovation and change is apparent and happening. Adopting new technologies, acquiring new talents or forming new partnerships can empower the industry to create positive change. The Initiate! community, by including all players in the eco-system - startups, students, young professionals and established professionals - intends to support and stimulate this change and drive the industry forward!

The Initiate! Programme connects all levels of the smart energy community and encourages discussion, challenges ideas and helps the industry visualise what the future could look like!

Initiate! is where you need to be if you want to be among the bright minds of the future gathering to discuss, share and pilot their ideas and innovations with the more established professionals from the industry.

This was Initiate! in 2016!

  • 60 International Startups
  • 200 Students
  • 2 Award Ceremonies
  • 15 Interactive Sessions
  • 45 Expert Speakers
  • Sessions included:
    -The Rise of the Sharing Economy
    -How Blockchain is adding value to the utilities of the future
    -How to Attract, Keep and Stimulate the new generation
    -How can energy startups gear up for corporate investment
    -Legal and finance differentiators for scaleups ad startups

Your input is key!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts - don't hesitate to contact us to see how you can get involved!

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Sietske Jacobs
Project Manager Initiate!