CTRM Conference

The conference brought together end user, service practitioners and vendors to spend a day focused on some of the key issues and trends impacting the software category. Hosted and facilitated by ComTech Advisory, the leading analysts in the CTRM software space, the CTRM Conference brought a compelling agenda of presentations, knowledge sharing and roundtable discussions involving key users of CTRM and associated software and services in the industry all supplemented by excellent networking opportunities.

More details are available here: www.CTRMConference.com

2017 Conference Theme
The theme of the 2017 CTRM Conference was “Commodities at a Crossroads." The event, roundtable discussions, and presentations focused on the massive changes that are being experienced across the commodities trading business and on how technology with an emphasis on CTRM and CM software can help with many of these challenges. From blockchain to Artificial Intelligence, from visualization to big data, the changes and challenges experienced by the commodities industry are demanding new approaches and innovation. As commodity traders grapple with traceability, increased regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny, lower commodity prices, increasing costs and decreasing profits, structural change and so on, CTRM and related technologies must also change and evolve. Topics covered included:

  • Is CTRM in the Cloud the future?
  • What promise does blockchain hold for commodity supply chains?
  • How can data be visualized faster and more easily to allow decisions?
  • What role does automation have?

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